Exploring and Uncovering the Government Conspiracy Responsible for
Illegally Jailing Two Innocent Men for Life
On behalf of Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, we thank you for your support and interest in our case.  

Please email Mafia Cop Conspiracy if you have additional information or would like to become involved in defending our case.


On March 9, 2005 Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa were arrested by the Federal Government under the RICO Act.  On April 6, 2006 they were unjustly and illegally convicted.  

Vilified by the press as turn-coats, kidnappers, and murderers, these two highly decorated retired detectives put their lives in the hands of unscrupulous lawyers, and had their lives destroyed by the very system they spent their careers defending.

Welcome to Mafia Cop Conspiracy.  

Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa dedicated their lives to protecting and serving the people of New York. They worked tirelessly with the public, helping countless men, women, children, and even animals over the course of his 20 plus years of service.

What this government - and the individuals in it - have done to these two highly decorated detectives is disgusting.

The Mafia Cop Case can be attacked, dismantled, and disproved on four different levels:

  • Conspiracy Theories - Exploring how (and why) the government and their paid informants were able to frame two innocent men.
  • Evidence - See first hand evidence that was never presented in court, and ask yourself why. *Read a letter from Anthony Casso which exonerates both Eppolito and Caracappa.  See Below!
  • Logic - Review the timeline and the state of events 
  • Legal Statutes - Read the RICO Act and the Statute of Limitations which should have protected these two men, and the perverted decision of the Court of Appeals which ultimately failed them.

This website is the culmination of years of research, and could not be possible without the tireless and work of numerous legal professionals, investigators, and supporters.

We at Mafia Cop Conspiracy want three things...

...To give Louis Eppolito the defense his first attorney robbed him of.

...To have someone with balls to step in and help us get a new trial.

...And, lastly, we want Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa released from prison and returned home to their families, where they belong.

Thank you for your interest.

The Team at Mafia Cop Conspiracy

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