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Sign our petition supporting Louis Eppolito's US Federal Court appeal based on structural error. We're seeking at least 1,000 signatures. Won't you help free an innocent man?

About Us

Dan Gordon is an award-winning screenwriter and producer,  born in Los Angeles, California and raised both there and in the Valley of Jezreel in Israel.

Dan served in the Israeli Defense Forces for 45 years as a soldier and officer — serving in six wars beginning with the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He lead a sniper/ squad in the armored infantry, and was an officer in the Israel Air Force, Military Spokesperson Brigade and most recently, served in the elite Givati Infantry Brigade.


Andrea Eppolito-Fisher is Louie Eppolito's eldest daughter. Devoted to proving her father's innocence, Andrea has worked tirelessly to appeal Louie's wrongful conviction.


This is the story of two highly-decorated New York Police Department (NYPD) named Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa who were sucked into a miasma of corruption that appeared to center on the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice. These two policemen became the apparent fall guys to cover up the activities of a high-ranking FBI Agent who was on the one hand responsible for the arrest and conviction of 15 Mafia leaders and numerous “made-men” including John Gotti, Jr., but on the other hand may have been a long-time informant to the Lucchese family.

The FBI seems to have used Eppolito and Caracappa because they were tangentially related to Mafia activities. This allegedly compromised FBI agent had to be protected by all means possible or his convictions would unravel. This conspiracy of silence and corruption of justice went so far as to compromise national security during the 1990s as Islamic terrorist activities became more brutal.

We have created this website and its podcasts to seek to unravel why these two detectives were targeted and ultimately took a fall and even more importantly, why the FBI abrogated their responsibilities to collect as much information as possible about potential terrorist threats all to seemingly protect one agent.

Cover-ups And Conspiracies

  • Who were Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa? How did they become known in the press as “The Mafia Cops?” Read about their story here.

  • Was a special agent for the FBI named Ron Lindley DeVecchio possibly compromised by the Mafia as far back as 1980? Listen to each Podcast and hear the case for such corruption build.

  • How did the Mafia wars and increasing conversion of high-level mobsters into FBI informants as well as the resulting increasing success of the Feds in arrest and conviction of the leaders of organized crime affect why Eppolito and Caracappa were arrested and indicted under the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)? Read about what can be seen as a tight ball of string involving not only organized crime internal violence, increased drug trafficking, FBI arrest and conviction success as well as hidden internal corruption but the growth of international Islamist terrorism all handled badly by the Feds as they strove to protect their own.

  • In the middle of Mafia wars, FBI arrests, internal NYPD and FBI corruption probes and increasing Islamist violence, there was one central name that keeps cropping up: Anthony “Gas Pipe” Casso. Who was he and how did he figure in both The Mafia Cops’ incident and the FBI’s treatment of prior knowledge they had about terrorist plots such as TWA Flight 800, The Bojinka Plot and the Oklahoma City bombing? Read about Casso here.

  • In 1997, R. Lin DeVecchio was investigated for his relationship with Scarpa Sr. during a two-year internal probe within the FBI but was not indicted. Because of his inclusion in this investigation, it appears DeVecchio felt that his reputation was sullied and he retired. In 2006, at the same time that Eppolito and Caracappa were on trial under the RICO act, Agent R. Lin DeVecchio was indicted on four counts of second-degree murder. The indictment was overturned on a technicality and all charges were dropped. Read about R. Lin DeVecchio’s career as a Mafia informant as well as an FBI hero here.

  • The Mafia Cops’ RICO-based entrapment happened 11 years after the main FBI arrests and convictions that almost destroyed the Gambino and Colombo Crime families in 1993 and 1994. Why were they arrested so long after their alleged criminal behavior; and after they had retired from the NYPD and moved to Las Vegas where they had no connections with the Lucchese family or Anthony Casso? Read about the RICO act and its clause that defines what exactly a “pattern of racketeering activity” is and the statute of limitations on such behavior.

  • The Mafia Cops Trial was a media circus and subsequent research has uncovered how deeply the judge and defense attorneys were involved in also protecting the reputation of R. Lin DeVeccho for their own reasons. Both the judge and defense attorneys were involved in the Victor Orena appeal trial that stemmed from the 1997 FBI internal probe and the questions about DeVecchio’s integrity that were raised. In addition, the judge seemed to be prejudiced against Eppolito, Caracappa and Anthony Casso (who had written a confessional letter that was revealed the day defense rested) as he called them co-conspirators. Read about how Judge Weinstein’s refusal to allow Casso to testify may allow a new appeal trial under a legal precedent called “Structural Error.”

Why Build A Website and Podcast At This Late Date?

Louis Eppolito’s case is currently under review at the 9th Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Brooklyn, New York. This is his last opportunity for exoneration and release from prison. This website and related public petition presents the detective’s case and the very complex way it is linked not only to organized crime but more importantly to the activities of Islamic terrorists as well as the malfeasance of the FBI. We hope to convince the 9th Circuit to reconsider Eppolito’s case based on the alleged conspiracy of silence perpetrated by the FBI as well as how the Department of Justice may have been pressured or prejudiced against Eppolito and Caracappa so deeply as to have caused a mistrial in 2005.

When you have finished reading and learning about the Mafia Cop Conspiracy, please sign the petition requesting the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to re-open Eppolito’s case in a new trial. You can find the petition here.


The September 11, 2001 Attacks

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Oklahoma City Bombing

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The Al-Qaeda Organization

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The Bojinka Plot

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